SafeLink enables you to easily map surveillance cameras and rapidly request the footage and information required to solve crimes.


The Safelink camera map

SafeLink enables you to easily know where cameras are located and quickly access information to address problems and solve crimes. It allows community members to securely share security camera location data with law enforcement through an easy to use online portal.

  • Secure camera registration portal
  • Interactive geo-coded camera location map
  • Member profiles
  • Unique user profiles:
  • Camera Owner
  • Law Enforcement
  • Community Safety Manager
  • Incident reporting which sends an email to camera owners within the vicinity of an incident to gather footage after a crime has been committed

Law enforcement and members can communicate if there is an incident in the vicinity of their camera, and if necessary, request video footage to assist in the investigation of a crime.


  • Improved productivity for investigators
  • Increase the speed and reduce the cost of investigations and prosecutions
  • Enables law enforcement to quickly communicate with members about incidents near registered camera location(s)
  • Assists in rapidly solving crimes that may occur at member’s location