Inside the Multi Agency Command Center for Super Bowl 52

The Multi Agency Command Center (MACC) is hosting over 80 law enforcement officers from different agencies during Super Bowl 52.  Within The MACC, officials are able to see a real-time view of the City of Minneapolis with the assistance of local tech companies Geo-Comm and Securonet. Geo-Comm offers a 3-D rendering of the city and U.S. Bank Stadium while Securonet offers FieldWatch™, a blue-force tracking application that allows video streaming direct from officers in the field.

The implementation of the MACC and the use of these technologies has allowed for greater security in Minneapolis and surrounding cities during the Super Bowl.  View the stories below to see what we're doing to help law enforcement keep you safe during Super Bowl 52.




How Super Bowl LII Security Will Look

There are many safety measures being implemented by the City of Minneapolis and the Minneapolis Police Department to prepare for Super Bowl LII. One of the tools that they are using is FieldWatch™, Securonet's law enforcement tracking and live-streaming application.  FieldWatch™ will be integrated with other resources to provide blanket protection for the city during the 10-day celebration. 

This story provides a great overview of how Minneapolis is securing the city to make sure everyone feels safe while enjoying the festivities and leave knowing they had a great experience. 

Two Minnesota Tech Companies Will Play Big Role in Super Bowl Security

Safety during Super Bowl 52 is the biggest concern for the Minneapolis Police Department, not only for those who will be in town for the 10-day celebration but for law enforcement personnel too.  One tool that they have in their arsenal is Securonet’s FieldWatch™ platform, a mobile app that tracks officer locations and allows them to stream live video and audio to central command. 


We are working together with Geo-Comm to present our information on their 3-D map of the city on one Common Operating Picture (COP). This will be made available to law enforcement command centers throughout the city during the celebration.


Learn more about how the Minneapolis Police Department, Securonet, and Geo-Comm are working together to secure Minneapolis for Super Bowl 52 here.

At the next Super Bowl, a Fort Thomas resident can take credit for part of its security presence

At the next Super Bowl, a Fort Thomas resident can take credit for part of its security presence

This year, Securonet developed a new product, FieldWatch™, that will be used by law enforcement during Super Bowl 52 in Minneapolis, MN.  The development of FieldWatch™ and our existing product suite would have been difficult to complete without the hard work of our very own, Chris Brewer, Director of Product Strategy and Innovation.

Law Enforcement Technology – “Boots on the Ground, Eyes in the Sky”

Have you ever wondered what tech tools are utilized by law enforcement in a Super Bowl host city?  Securonet is providing one of them, FieldWatch!  Learn what Commander Scott Gerlicher from the Minneapolis Police Department said about FieldWatch increasing their situational awareness during the Summer X-Games and how it will be used during Super Bowl LII!

Read the whole article here: Law Enforcement Technology – “Boots on the Ground, Eyes in the Sky”

 Do you think FieldWatch will help during your city’s next large event?  If so, contact us for a demo!