Securonet wins Eureka Award for Innovation in Public Safety

Securonet has been recognized for its valuable and innovative contributions toward making law enforcement more effective and improving officer safety, while making communities stronger and safer with its Virtual Safety Network (VSN). Securonet, which integrates existing private and public video assets through a cloud-based, permission-based web portal, will be recognized with a prestigious Eureka Award for innovation during the third annual event sponsored by the Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal.

Already in Use In Major Minnesota Cities: "The Future of Crime Prevention and Investigation"

The VSN has already played a major role in investigating and apprehending law breakers for a range of offenses. The real-time network gives first responders a new tool kit offering more unified views into events as they unfold and greater investigational access to historical video after a crime has occurred, thus better protecting police officers, private and public property, and citizens. 

Securonet won the award in the category for Public Safety/Product Design and will receive it along with other Eureka winners at a June 22, 2017, ceremony in downtown Minneapolis. The company's growing product line is already deployed across 12 Minnesota cities — including downtown Minneapolis, Duluth and Rochester. Securonet's VSN will also be utilized as part of Super Bowl security next February 2018.

Securonet's VSN Will Be Utilized as Part of Super Bowl Security February 2018 

"There's real value in having more resources available to us in a network like the one Securonet created," noted Captain Sherwin of the Rochester Police Department. "And since it's a permission-based system — only authorized police officers can log in to the portal and view these cameras — there is less chance for anyone to abuse it. Using the network is a big plus for the Rochester community and our department," Sherwin added. "I think it's the future of crime prevention and investigation."

"We are delighted to receive this recognition for our Virtual Safety Network and the growing product platforms that contribute to its effectiveness," says Securonet's Founder, Justin Williams. "In a post-911 world, the number of security cameras is multiplying nationwide, but centralized access is still generally missing. Where you would expect greater coordination, the norm is fragmentation. Our VSN takes private and public video resources that have been isolated and integrates them into a proven, more effective public safety system."

Cost-Effective VSN Offers Multiple Benefits For Cops and Communities

“Securonet’s platforms result in greater, more localized use of existing assets by cities, downtown associations, law enforcement and security organizations, without requiring the purchase of additional cameras," Williams continues. "The outcome is faster access to video footage, which reduces crime and costs by accelerating the speed by which criminals are apprehended. By reducing or eliminating the need to invest in more expensive cameras, Securonet delivers real and measurable benefits for our customers and our communities with a reduced tax burden on citizens.”

About Securonet, Video/Software as a Service and the VSN

Securonet is a pioneering company founded in 2011 that has produced enhanced public safety using its SAFELINK, VIDEOLINK, SHARELINK and HELPLINK 911 product platforms as part of its Virtual Safety Network. It is a leader in the emerging Video Software as a Service (VSaaS) industry, currently valued at approximately $2 billion worldwide. Securonet connects essential players using mobile apps, live streaming from internal and external cameras, emergency alerts, and remote, live-feed access to first responders to create a more reliable safety network and safer communities.

Its timely product line is making communities of all sizes safer and stronger without challenging city budgets for access to state-of-the-art protection. And it is connecting local businesses and private citizens to law enforcement in truly new and innovative ways. For more information, please request a Media Kit.

About The Eureka Awards

The Eureka Awards recognize companies of all sizes that have invented new products or new ways of doing things, that have altered and re-energized or disrupted their own operations and their industry, as well as delighted their customers. The goal of Eureka is to recognize companies of all sizes in multiple industries (especially outside of the tech sector) that have invented extraordinary new products or new ways of doing things.

Winning award criteria asks:

  •  How creative was the product, service or innovation?
  •  What impact did it have on its users?
  •  What impact did it have on the organization that created it?  What impact did it have on the industry?
  •  Is it a success?

To be eligible for the award, nominees must be based in the Twin Cities 24-county metro area.