At the next Super Bowl, a Fort Thomas resident can take credit for part of its security presence

This year, Securonet developed a new product, FieldWatch™, that will be used by law enforcement during Super Bowl 52 in Minneapolis, MN.  The development of FieldWatch™ and our existing product suite would have been difficult to complete without the hard work of our very own, Chris Brewer, Director of Product Strategy and Innovation.  

This article explains Chris' evolution within Securonet, the successes of FieldWatch™ during the 2017 Summer X-Games in Minneapolis, MN, and our future involvement in the 2018 Super Bowl.

When speaking of Securonet's product goals, Chris is quoted saying, "If we could help enhance public safety, why wouldn't we want to do it?"  A sentiment that runs true to Securonet's core.

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