FIELDWATCH™ is an intelligence-led policing platform that provides real-time tactical awareness by tracking and mapping officers in the field, allowing officers to stream real-time video to their command post.


Blue Force Tracking and on-scene video streaming

FieldWatch™ is a lightweight, easy-to-use app that runs on smartphones, plus a suite of web-based command interfaces for viewing officer locations, live videos, stored video evidence, and more.  Having this officer-provided situational awareness allows command to react quickly and deploy the appropriate personnel to events of all types and severity. 


Track personnel

Blue force tracking capabilities provide near-real time GPS location of responders in the field, as well as other telemetries, such as altitude, speed, and heading telemetry. This allows resources to be allocated effectively. Supervisors view and communicate with forces in the field via a web-based dashboard interface.

Incident - Recording.png

Live-stream audio/video

Responders can stream live audio/video from the field to incident commanders and central command. These videos can be watched on any device, from smartphone to tablet to laptop, and are recorded as evidence – along with metadata and notes – and stored in the cloud (AWS GovCloud). 


VIEW and download video evidence

Every live stream is saved in a CJIS-compliant cloud storage, encrypted in transit and at rest. Videos are viewable from within the dashboard system on any device, ranging from iPhone, iPad, Android tablet, laptop and desktop. Videos are stored in a common MP4 format for easy and seamless ingestion into the evidence management system of your choice.



Police officers go where they're needed most, which is often outside the coverage of other tools like hard-mounted surveillance cameras. Carrying smartphones running FieldWatch™, officers can immediately kick off live streams, providing valuable, detailed, on-scene tactical awareness that greatly diminishes the fog of policing. This real-time situational awareness allows command to:     

  • Deploy resources quickly to the correct location with less confusion
  • See what their team experiences in the field in real-time
  • Review all recorded information in one spot (video, metadata, and notes)
  • View tracking and real-time streaming where it's needed most

Case Study – Summer X-games & Super Bowl LII

FieldWatch™ is being utilized by the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) for enhancing public safety at multiple large events — such as X-Games, Super Bowl LII, 2019 NCAA Final Four, and the regular 2017-2018 NFL season. This case study will describe an initial field trial of FieldWatch™ during X-Games, and detail the planned use during Super Bowl 52 and beyond.

COPS app diagram.png

The MPD’s deployment pairs the FieldWatch™ mobile application and API with a third-party Common Operating Picture (COP) system called Venue Map from our partner, Geo-Comm. Venue Map provides detailed 3D views of area buildings atop a street map, coupled with data from multiple sources such as CAD and RMS. Using Venue Map, command operators can view the location of FieldWatch officers, view officer video streamed from the field, as well as locate and view fixed public and private cameras (as provided by our sister product “SafeLink”).

x-games field trial

X-Games internal photo.jpg

FieldWatch™ was deployed by the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) in a live field trial during the July 2017 Summer X-Games in Minneapolis, MN. (During the trial, 127 Apple iPhones downloaded and installed the application.) Officers across multiple shifts were engaged in the trial, ranging in assignments from SWAT, K-9, perimeter and plainclothes. 

During the four-day X-Games trial, 204 videos were streamed from the field, and incidents ranging from disorderly conduct to drone incursion were documented using the system. Command staff and field officers alike reported enhanced tactical advantage due to improved situational awareness which heretofore hadn’t been available.

Drone incursion and Interdiction

During the X-Games, an officer spotted a drone flying over the outdoor events taking place on U.S. Bank Stadium Pavilion and called it into dispatch. 

Command staff took immediate action by locating the outdoor cameras on the map nearest the reported area, and visually located the drone mid-flight. Using a building-mounted pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera, the drone operators were spotted atop a parking garage, but quickly moved behind a structure out of view of fixed cameras. The drone appeared to be descending in a landing profile. At this moment, command no longer had visual awareness.

Command staff used the blue force tracking capabilities in FieldWatch™ to rapidly assess what assets were in the vicinity of the drone, and quickly dispatched two Minneapolis Police Bike Rapid Response Team (BRRT) officers to the scene by radio, providing an accurate location of the operators based on video observation.


Command watched the movement of these officers towards the scene via an on-screen map, and were able to give them radio directions as to the precise location of the suspects. Once on-scene, both BRRT officers triggered their FieldWatch™ cameras, allowing command staff to view their interactions in real time with the suspects.  Command staff assessed the threat and determined that no additional backup was needed. The drone operator was presented with a ticket for the for flying a drone in a restricted area.

The situational awareness provided in this circumstance by utilizing FieldWatch™ was proven to be more useful, timely, and valuable than that of other incident reporting mechanisms in the past.

Super Bowl Lii


Upward of 1 million people are expected to be in Minneapolis, MN during Super Bowl LII in February 2018.  Though this one-day event is taking place at U.S. Bank Stadium, there will be many other events taking place throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul during the 10 days leading up to the NFL's premier sporting event. 

Due to the magnitude of this event, there will be thousands of additional law enforcement personnel brought into the city from outside agencies to help supplement and assist the Minneapolis Police Department's efforts.  FieldWatch™ will be used by select law enforcement personnel from the Minneapolis Police Department and outside agencies to provide blanket coverage for the city which will help keep our city safe for all law enforcement, citizens and visitors.