July 2017 - Minneapolis, MN

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FieldWatch™ was deployed by the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) in a live field trial during the July 2017 Summer X-Games in Minneapolis, MN. Officers across multiple shifts were engaged in the trial, ranging in assignments from SWAT, K-9, perimeter and plainclothes. 

During the four-day X-Games trial, 204 videos were streamed from the field, and incidents ranging from disorderly conduct to drone incursion were documented using the system. Command staff and field officers alike reported enhanced tactical advantage due to improved situational awareness which heretofore hadn’t been available.

Drone incursion and Interdiction

During the X-Games an officer spotted a drone flying over the outdoor events taking place on U.S. Bank Stadium Pavilion and called it into dispatch. 

Command staff took immediate action by locating the outdoor cameras on the map nearest the reported area, and visually located the drone mid-flight. Using a building-mounted pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera, the drone operators were spotted atop a parking garage, but quickly moved behind a structure out of view of fixed cameras. The drone appeared to be descending in a landing profile. At this moment, command no longer had visual awareness.

Command staff used the blue force tracking capabilities in FieldWatch™ to rapidly assess what assets were in the vicinity of the drone, and quickly dispatched two Minneapolis Police Bike Rapid Response Team (BRRT) officers to the scene by radio, providing an accurate location of the operators based on video observation.


Command watched the movement of these officers towards the scene via an on-screen map, and were able to give them radio directions as to the precise location of the suspects. Once on-scene, both BRRT officers triggered their FieldWatch™ cameras, allowing command staff to view their interactions in real time with the suspects.  Command staff assessed the threat and determined that no additional backup was needed. The drone operator was presented with a ticket for the for flying a drone in a restricted area.

The situational awareness that was provided in this circumstance by utilizing FieldWatch™ was proven to be more useful, timely, and valuable than that of other incident reporting mechanisms in the past.

St.Patrick's Day Riot

March 17, 2015- Minneapolis, MN

The Riot
On March 17, 2015 following the St. Patrick's Day parade, approximately 500 teens took buses to downtown Minneapolis, apparently with the intention of causing trouble. As the crowd milled around downtown, several large fights broke out. Crowds would gather and police would break it up, then it would start all over again in a new location. Police eventually swept trouble locations, occasionally using a chemical irritant to get the crowds under control. Two people involved in the fighting were treated for minor injuries. During the riot one shooting was reported by the Police.

Securonet Riot Response:

  • The Minneapolis police sent out SafeLink incident request to 11 member companies for video footage
  • Captured video footage from 34 cameras
  • Made 3 arrests
  • Other suspects captured – investigation is on going
  • MPD leveraged $170,000 worth of video camera assets (34 cameras) 

Securonet Shooting Response:

  • The Minneapolis police sent out SafeLink incident request to 10 member companies for video footage
  • Captured video footage from 27 cameras
  • Made 1 Arrest
  • MPD leveraged $135,000 worth of video camera assets

Final Outcome

  • The Minneapolis police had 21 companies’ video analyst personnel seeking video footage from 61 cameras simultaneously
  • Police leveraged $305,000 of video assets (cameras & video management systems) during their investigation
  • Critical video footage that helped the investigation came from Securonet members