Real-time tactical awareness for LEOs, supervisors, and command

Mobile application and web-based dashboard used in super bowl 52 by minneapolis Pd to create cross-jurisdictional command and control system. 

The Minneapolis Police Department relies on FieldWatch to track the location of 2000+ people from 60 local, county, state and Federal agencies, with roles ranging from law enforcement to logistics at this year's Super Bowl. 

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The FieldWatch mobile app runs on iOS devices like iPhone and iPad. Using built-in GPS, camera and microphone, officers in the field can stream live video to supervisors and commanders, see the location of their team members, and share important and timely intel up and across the chain of command.


Supervisors on foot, in squad cars, mobile command centers, or any location can view the location of officers by team or function, communicate individually or en masse, and view and react to live video streams in real time. Increased tactical awareness and a visual understanding of unfolding conditions equates to improved response times.


The FieldWatch system integrates with any third-party system, via a secure, well-documented and flexible API. Our Super Bowl 52 partner Geo-Comm directly interface with our API to provide real time video and telemetry feeds into their industry-leading VenueMap common operating picture platform.